Gålö Trust Fellowship

We are very happy and privileged to receive a fellowship from the Gålö trust, as the first classical ensemble in the trust’s history! This encourages us to keep developing and further discover our identity as a group. The financial support of the fellowship will enable us to study abroad part time.

The Gålö trust has an almost 200 year old history of supporting young adults through their education. Every year they award fellowships for graduate and post-graduate studies in a broad spectrum of disciplines, in scientific research and the arts. At the award ceremony in the Stockholm Concert House we had the chance to meet other fellows of this year. Such a wonderful way to get in touch with brilliant people in all different fields!

Not only does the Gålö trust award fellowships, in 2015 they started an initiative called Blanda Varandra, an award given to one or two young individuals who have worked with and want to develop organisations for integration and diversity. It was wonderful to meet Gabriel Tshidimu, one of this years winners, and hear his story. A war fugitive from Kongo, Gabriel came to Toronto as an 11 year old. He managed to stay out of criminality and drugs that is such a big threat to young fugitives, and a big part of his success was thanks to FFA Global, Football For All. In his teens he got a scholarship to come to Sweden and take part in an educational program run by Frälsningsarmén. After graduating he was asked to start up a FFA Global program in Sweden. What he has done with FFA Global here in Sweden is quite amazing, forming the lives of hundreds of young fugitives. Now he is setting up a structure to educate the older boys and girls as coaches, which will make FFA Global Sweden bigger and potentially giving even more young people the opportunity to get structure in their lives through football, studies and personal development mentorship. It feels very inspiring to be a part of the Gålö family, and we look forward to meeting many other Gålö fellows in the future!

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