Forza Nacksta!

As a part of a tour with "Musik Västernorrland" a couple of weeks ago we had the privilege of meeting with the people of Forza Nacksta and playing a concert as a part of their program. Forza Nacksta is a brilliant initiativ to get young people active in sports and culture in a neighborhood with a large immigrant community. They have a football program, wind band, arrange concerts and run the local swimming center. It was obvious from the second we pulled up with the car at the parking lot and was met by the football coach, the sincere caring nature that characterize the people of Forza Nacksta. They put a lot of thought into how to connect all parts of their program with one another. The concert, for instance, was scheduled after football practice, with just enough time for the kids to get from the football field to the recreational center where we were playing. The football coach was there together with Yamandu, who is in charge of the concerts, working together to give these youngsters the best possible chances to get involved in culture as well as sports from an early age. Integrating cultural and athletic endeavors in this familiar and caring environment is definitely the genius of Forza Nacksta. And frankly, all neighborhoods, not only those with integrational challanges, can look to Forza Nacksta for inspiration in this regard! It was a treat to meet the kids and their parents after the concert, and hearing their impressions of Fanny Mendelssohn, Dutilleux, and Beethoven. One young boy from Bolivia was a clarinetist with ambitions to becoming a conductor. We hope to see him and many other inspirational kids from Nacksta in the future!

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